Micheal James Now Hosting Everything, Everywhere

We just thought you should know. We were thinking of putting together one of those six-degrees of separation clouds to illustrate our point, but its too much work on a Saturday morning. But we’re pretty sure that if you’ve had an event in the last say, five years, MJ has either promoted or attended it. And that’s no small feat. By some sort of Blaine-esque trans-dimensional slight of hand, he’s at a Mcinerney book signing uptown, and then-ta da! He’s meandering between tables at Mansion, girls in tow. But by the look of it, he’s never in a hurry, and he’s always got time to chat.
We’re convinced there’s a team of stylists and a system of disco-ball-decorated tunnels involved, and when we can pin him down for an interview, we’ll bring you his secret here…


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