Ok, Text Messages Are Awesome!

Not really.  But since we spent the last post dissing the whole textual revolution, we thought we’d post our very favorite text invites here for your enjoyment.  Some of them are funny, some are desperate, and some verge on the literary.  You be the judge:
This weeks winner, from the superstar duo of Fontaine and Mory, who have clearly mastered the art of the sms:

Why they always caution men against bad girls?  Bad girls are predictable, good girls are the ones to be warned against.  Erly bbq at hi-bar and party at bijou. 

Got your favorite/lamest party invites sitting around your inbox?  Well bag ’em up and send them our way.  Featured invites will be forwarded to my aunt Gladys in Baltimore (she’d love to attend!  Who is this?)


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