We’re night-clubbing…

Welcome to the very first post from Nightlifer, a nightlife blog with holier than thou ambitions for covering the Manhattan nightlife scene.

From some time, we’ve watched the coverage of the nightlife industry, from Page Six, to Rush and Molloy, and more recently, Goodnightmrlewis, and asked ourselves, ‘what’s misssing?’  And the answer is, a lot. We have been around since the days of Life and before, and have witnessed more depravity, gossip, and provacative stories pass by tradional media because they didn’t have the access to true insiders.  Too much of nightlife coverage is dedicated to PR placed items and second hand stories, rather than the more interesting truth, and we know we can do better.

Want to know which parties are really worth checking out and which are really dead?  Look here.  Want to know the inside dirt on promoters, clubs, and the A-list nightlife scene?  ditto.  Want to know what actually happened the last time Lindsay showed up at Butter?  Yessir.  Want paid placements and recycled gossip?  Check out Rush and Molloy
So party on, dear friends, and join us as we journey through the glittering prism that is Manhattan after dark.


David Hollis,



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