“Moderately In Shape”, Angry, Drunken Hudson Hotel Rejectee claims: I’m a Brunette!

Ahh, Gawker. Today we find an interesting item on the Hudson Hotel, where last night, a young lady claims that two (count em: TWO!) “underage blondes in front of me were able to get in without a problem”, and that SHE wasn’t let in! And all because of her hair color! Well, lets get that on the website, like, right now!
From what we hear, the guest in question was, eh, slightly large. And throwing things. Which leaves us wondering: if a blind man applies for a pilots license, will he be rejected because he’s gay?
Dont’ get us wrong: we love the big girls. Shoot-we love them looong time. But if you’re going to cry foul, why try to hide your ‘moderately in shape’ status? We can get behind that. er…
But the more troubling question remains: how slow a news day does it have to be before you start publishing drunken complaints from your readers about not getting into a club?


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