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Englebert PR Stunt Goes Awry: Waitstaff Claims Gratuity Free Living at Suzie Wong’s

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OHkay, here’s the deal: so like, remember how those waitresses got fired from 1Oak? And like, they were Asian? And like, they claimed they were discriminated against, and got hit on? And remember how JE (aka John “JE” Englebert) put out a whole press release saying how upset this made him, because, like, he loved and fed and petted and took care of his waitstaff (I promise!)? And then he like, offered to hire the Asian girls so they wouldn’t have to worry about, like, making a living?
Well, turns out he might be kinduv, sort of a hypocrite. Ironically, it turns out that one of the pink-slipped girls worked at Suzy Wong’s before going over to 1Oak, and that she left because the club wasn’t giving them their tip outs, using the old we’ll-take-your-tips-for-the-night-and-give-you-a-check-later routine (commonly known as ‘screwing the help’).
In light of this, we are just dying to know if any of the girls has taken up JE (aka John “JE” Englebert) on his offer. So, like, text us, ok?


Afterhours: Gossip Roundupathon

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So there you have it: Amy Sacco is dead, gone, and forgotten (and yet she’s still cooler than you), Mansion and Pink Elephant would like to hit you up for some cash, Limelight will reopen but that there will be absolutely no parties (but there will be something called a ‘branded experience‘), and old skeevy guys will give you cocaine if you’ll have sex with them (we have one in our lobby just for this purpose).
Ok, sorry, the bar is closed. Please make your way back to Brooklyn.

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Who The HELL Is Threatening Steve Lewis?

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A quick peak at a recent status update on Steve’s facebook page reveals that the recent subjects of one of his interviews are none too happy with what he wrote about them, and are threatening violence (though a quick scan of the site doesn’t reveal anything too threat-worthy).
Well, we’re pretty sure that Steve can take care of himself-after all, he survived the Haitian gang wars. But in any case, Steve is like, our boy, and we like, totally have his back.

Suzy Wong’s: Employee Orientation

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Turns out that “JE” (aka John “JE” Englebert), owner of B&T safe-haven Suzie Wong’s, has jumped into the fray between 10ak and four of its ex-waitresses. After their release last week, the former bottle mules claimed that they were fired because Scott Sartiano and his management team wanted to make the staff more ‘white’. Also, Scott wanted to sleep with them!
Well, “JE” (aka John “JE” Englebert) thinks that’s just terrible! And he’s even issued a press release to prove it, inviting the four scorned girls to come in for an interview.
Well, we wanted to give the girls an idea of what they were in store for:

Turns out that an open-door admission policy may have its downsides

Turns out that an open-door admission policy may have its downsides

Ah, the gangster lean. So gangster!

Really though, we can’t take sides. And dammit, we won’t. But we think that Englebert is being a little hypocritical. After all, in its own right, isn’t subjecting your staff to cross-wearing wannabees kinduv abusive? At least at 1Oak, there isn’t any man-jewelry flying around, and the guys pawing at the waitstaff have enough money to pay off their lawsuits.

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This Just In: Nightlife Industry Discriminates Based On Appearance!

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Seems that Page 6 is all excited to report that 10ak fired four (count ’em: four!) asian waitresses, and that said bottle flacks are suing the club for discrimination.  Well, gosh…

From the inside, let me be the first to tell you something shocking: rich guys like hot asian chicks bringing them bottles of grey goose on silver platters.  So, there’s that.

Second, nobody likes homogeny. If you enter the nightlife business, you go in with the understanding that, eh, you’re going to be judged (respectfully, of course) in terms of how good/bad/hip you look.  Ugly people don’t go over so well (unless your beautiful on the inside!  Then its just fine.)  That said, a good club owner knows that they’re casting a show, and they need different players to fill different rolls.  If your staff is all white/all black/all anything, it just doesn’t work.  And so diversity takes care of itself.

Third, half the best bottle-service waitresses in New York are asian, okay?  When I used to work at Spa, there was waiter who was asian and gay, and he made more money than the tranny pole dancer at The Box.

My guess: the waitresses in question were probably incompetent or lazy.  The waitresses at 1oak are making lots of money, and its uber competitive.  When a place is that successful, there’s bound to be staff purgings and firings every day of the week.  There’s plenty of discrimination going on in the nightlife industry (ever hear anyone describe a night as ‘urban’?  Ever need to clarify what they meant? ), but it sounds like these chickies are looking for an extra tip out.

Mommy Dearest

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Which self-proclaimed ‘nightclub king’ calls his Mom every time his club runs short on cash?  Its gotten so that unpaid promoters often call to ask when she’ll be coming by the office…