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Englebert PR Stunt Goes Awry: Waitstaff Claims Gratuity Free Living at Suzie Wong’s

Posted in club owners, trouble, unsubstantiated, waitstaff with tags , , , on August 28, 2008 by davidhollis

OHkay, here’s the deal: so like, remember how those waitresses got fired from 1Oak? And like, they were Asian? And like, they claimed they were discriminated against, and got hit on? And remember how JE (aka John “JE” Englebert) put out a whole press release saying how upset this made him, because, like, he loved and fed and petted and took care of his waitstaff (I promise!)? And then he like, offered to hire the Asian girls so they wouldn’t have to worry about, like, making a living?
Well, turns out he might be kinduv, sort of a hypocrite. Ironically, it turns out that one of the pink-slipped girls worked at Suzy Wong’s before going over to 1Oak, and that she left because the club wasn’t giving them their tip outs, using the old we’ll-take-your-tips-for-the-night-and-give-you-a-check-later routine (commonly known as ‘screwing the help’).
In light of this, we are just dying to know if any of the girls has taken up JE (aka John “JE” Englebert) on his offer. So, like, text us, ok?